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as always things are moving at a slow pace. I don't understand why but things always seem to go to shit right when i start to feel positive about something.
This summer i went to texas and it was the best time i have had in the loongest time. I was down there for a month( was the damn best month of my life) I hooked up with this guy down there and was just going to live with him but the both of us decided that it would be better for me to finish school up here and then i move down there. He is coming up to see me in a week so that will be exciting and for school... i hate it and just wish do be done with it and everybody here. I figure that everybody that i had any connection with are now gone and there is nobody that i really care to talk to.
After the end of last year and all the drama there i should be a good girl !! *wink*wink*
I still feel like shit about the whole thing it was not even his fault.
(feel lost yet)
Well the storie goes something like this....
I was going to school and having a good old time when one of my friends who works at the college became a little TOO friendly. I can admit that i have liked this guy for as long as i have known him. We ended up spending alot of time out of school together and one thing led to another and people whom he worked with started to hear shit! i mean it is a small town and you know how things like that go.
The college had a thing down in Albequrqe, NM and i think that is when the shit really hit the fan. I took off with him and he stayed in my room that night *cough* and SOME people wouldn't leave us alone.
(you know who you are)
Well let's just say that he no longer works at the school because of me. *tear*
Well he is now living in pheonix and is offering me to be his roommate down there if i decide to go to school down there.

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